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""Dear Louise and Neil,

I have just received some wonderful news. Anna-Caitlin informs me that she has obtained 'distinction' in all her Christmas A-level (Business Studies program) subjects. As I believe Neurofeedback contributed to
 this achievement I am writing to share this with you:-))))))))))))))))

I left messages for both of you as I was hoping to tell you personally.


Firstly I thought you would like to know that I think there has been objective improvement in James's concentration since christmas. Over the christmas holidays we were doing two hours revision a day and he needed most of it to be done with him. He was still extremely agaitated about it and his concentration was very poor indeed.
This Easter, he did 4 hours a day in one stretch usually between 8 and 12. The majority of it he did himself, including reading longish passages of text for his history revision. He did not do any reading at Christmas, so this is a major step forwards and amazing! He also is not continually complaining about his concentration in  school which he used to do, and I am sure would continue to do if it was still a problem."

Dr. A Norris

I’ve struggled with nervousness and social anxiety my whole life and have suffered fromdepression since 1997.  Ever since the early 1990s, I’ve been looking for something that would help me, but unfortunately didn’t find it until 2008 when I stumbled across mention of Neurofeedback on the internet and did some reading on it on various websites.  Thereafter, I bought and read the book ‘A symphony of the brain’ by Jim Robbins and decided that Neurofeedback could possibly help me resolve my problems.  I did more research on the internet to try and indentify a suitable Neurofeedback provider in Scotland or in the rest of the UK.  After that research and speaking to some providers on the phone including Neil from PeakMind, I decided that PeakMind were the company to go with.

I made an appointment with Louise from PeakMind at Swansea University for a qEEG and also met with Neil from Peakmind to receive training in how to use the Neurofeedback home equipment and to collect the equipment to take back home with me.  So far I’ve completed 37 sessions and although I have some way to go, I am able to concentrate better, I’m feeling calmer, I’m more energetic, my depression has lessened, and I believe my quitting smoking is attributable to the change in myself brought about by Neurofeedback training.  I therefore recommend Neurofeedback training and think PeakMind are a good provider."

 Gary, Kilmarnock, Scotland

"She has made remarkable progress. She read an entire book over the week-end which is a first. The improvement in social skills are beyond just co-incidence. For example, before she would drive people to distraction which alientated her from those she really wanted to be close with. Now she has instead 3 girls pursuing contact with her. It used to be the other way around! Before, ACE used to stalk and run after children on the playgroup and physically force them to play with her by pinning them down. I wish you had experienced ACE at the age of 6. The difference is like day and night."

ACE's mother

"Our son Luke is 12. He had ADHD diagnosed when he was 6 and had been on methylphenidate every schoolday since then. However he did get side effects like appetite suppression and difficulty sleeping so we were keen to find another solution.

We live in Liverpool so there was no way we could attend Swansea or Cambridge for sessions and so Neil Rutterford at Peakmind trained me to give the neurofeedback. We have been doing 2 sessions a week for the last 8 months.

Luke has been able to stop his methylphenidate and is much more confident socially and has learned new skills like badminton and skiing that he just didn't have the patience off medication to try. His schoolwork isn't as perfect as it was on medication but I think that is a worthwhile tradeoff.

I have to say that home training takes an iron commitment and the software is not user friendly. If you have the option office training is more straightforward. Having said that we had an excellent service from Peakmind - everyone was really friendly and helpful especially when I was struggling with the practical aspects of home training. I got detailed and helpful feedback from Neil by email every week while doing the training and he was also available on the phone when a more in depth discussion was needed.

In summary I think that the neurofeedback has been really worthwhile."

Luke's mum


"I was diagnosed with ADHD and mild depression in 2006 and naturally my psychiatrist provided me with drugs to help alleviate the problems I was experiencing. I soon discovered however that drugs do not work. They don't teach you how to take control of your symptoms through training your mind. They simply cover up problems, much like sweeping dust under the carpet. I then begin my journey of self improvement and discovered neurofeedback. After reading it's theory and the evidence behind it, I decided to pay a visit to Peak Mind in Swansea . At first I was a little unsure as to how you were supposed to reach that 'peak' state of mind that is required for the positive feedback. Eventually however I began to understand how much control human beings have over their minds. After 2 months of home training, I improved tremendously in terms of my ability to maintain an attentive and relaxed state of mind. Also, Im not as impulsive, I think before spending money, and my mood has improved. I have the confidence now to go on to better things. If you have have any mental or stress related illnesses, then neurofeedback sessions should be your top priority. Phone Peak Mind Now!!

Matthew Kendell, Dover


"Our sixteen year old son, Elliot, was diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of six years old. His symptoms were very effectively managed by Ritain but the fact that he required extremely large doses of medication to achieve the desired effect was a huge concern to us. Elliot was considered an academically and musically gifted child, however, his ADHD was so severe that we were unable to take him anywhere unless he had taken medication.

During July and August 2007 Elliot underwent a course of neuofeedback training consisting of 30 sessions with PeakMind in Swansea. We were aware that neurofeedback does not work for everyone, however, there is no doubt that Elliot's behaviour and functioning have been transformed with this treatment and incredibly he no longer requires any medication. As a direct result of the marked changes in Elliot's functioning, our family life has improved dramatically. Elliot is in his first term at a sixth form college and is doing well studying A Level Music, Music Technology, History and Politics. One of the most tangible and remarkable results is that Elliot's flute studies are going from strength to strength (he attained Grade 8 with Distinction at the age of 13) and yet, prior to the treatment, Elliot was unable to perform unless he had taken medication. Elliot is thrilled that he can now function normally without the need for medication.

When I reflect on the significant changes that have occurred since Elliot's neurofeedback training, I have no hesitation in recommending neurofeedback to other parents with children with ADHD.

Julia Black, Mother of 16 year-old with ADHD


"Before I had the QEEG test with PeakMind I did not understand why I had such a poor attention and concentration span and unusual high levels of energy that prevented me from achieving my full potential throughout my education. 

Having the test confirmed that it was in fact ADD that I have.  Knowing this now has given me peace of mind, especially knowing that there is a healthy form of treatment available.  Since all advice and service given has been extremely helpful I would definitely consider treatment and recommend this service to others who believe that they may have ADHD or ADD."

Rhiannon, Swansea


"Neurofeedback training with PeakMind has been a very valuable experience for me. I was initially sceptical about the process, but having undergone training for a couple of months, I am totally convinced that it works. I have seen a significant improvement in my ability to focus at work, and my colleagues have noticed the same thing.

I am now more productive and less anxious as a result of the training, and I am steadily improving with each neurofeedback session. The techniques that PeakMind have taught me have enabled me to control my stress levels and learn to concentrate better, whilst remaining relaxed.

I would recommend PeakMind without hesitation to anyone suffering from stress or lack of focus. The quality of service is excellent, the sessions are very straightforward, and neurofeedback training really works!"

Jake Major, director, iCreate (www.icreate3d.com)


"Neurofeedback training with PeakMind, really helped me with my stress levels, has given me more confidence, also I now experience a better quality of sleep as I find it easier to relax.
Altogether a very valuable experience, conducted under a professional and caring attitude."

Thanking You
Veronica Howells
(Housewife and Grandmother)


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