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WICN summer school - July 2010

Dr Soren Andersen, PeakMind, gives talk at WICN 2010

Dr Soren Andersen gave an invited talk on neurofeedback at the 2010 WICN Summer School. Cognitive and Affective Neurosicence: Insights from EEG. Swansea  University, 7-9 July.

ACCRESS collaboration
- April 2010

PeakMind Denmark starts collaboration with ACCRESS

Our neurofeedback center in Denmark begins collaboration with Accress, a buseinss consultancy agency facilitating company growth and expansion. Peakmind will provide neurofeedback services to help directors and entrepeneours  optimize brain functioning to improve creativity and mental performance.

London clinic - April 2010

PeakMind opens clinic in London.

PeakMind expands its services and now offer consultations and neurofeedback training in Pinero House, Harley Street on Thursday afternoons 1300-1700 from June 3rd.

Leadership and brainwaves - October 2009

A brainwave in the study of leadership.
What makes a good leader? Which attributes guarantee a chief executive's ability to be sensitive, compassionate and still lead through tough or stressful times? Modern science has looked at the sources of electricity in the brain and how this is used. Professors of psychology have expanded on this research. But Prof Balthazard has teamed brain mapping with leadership development (read more).

What the experts say - October 2009

Follow as we upload videointerviews with the experts in the field. See our first video here.

PeakMind expands. New Neurofeedback clinician joins the company- August 2009

We are happy to annouce that Berta Pacheco has joined PeakMind as a Neurofeedback clinician. Berta has received training in neurofeedback by the Society of Applied Neuroscience, as well as training in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural interventations. We are extremely pleased to have her onboard.  (read more about Berta here).

New Research Shows: Neurofeedback is an 'Evidence-Based' Treatment for ADHD - July 2009

EEG & clinical neuroscience
New important article published in "EEG and Clinical Neuroscience" which yields increasing support to neurofeedback as an evidence-based treatment for Attention deficit- / Hyperactivity Disorder. Read press release and the abstract. Read presentation of results here.

PeakMind opens a branch in Copenhagen, Denmark - July 2009

Danish School of Education
PeakMind opens  a branch in Copenhagen, Denmark. The branch will initially only perform qEEG consultations but is expected to offer neurofeedback hometraining within 6 months.

Invited talk at the Danish School of Education - June 2009

Danish School of Education
Dr Søren Andersen gave an invited talk on neurofeedback and AD/HD (read danish abstract here)

PeakMind links up with Learning Assessment and NeuroCare Centre- May 2009

PeakMind are delighted to announce that a formal link has been forged with the Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre (LANC) run by Dr. Geoff Kewley, neurodevelopmental paediatrician. LANC currently provides a service to people with neurological difficulities, such as AD/HD, from a clinic in Horsham, West Sussex. 

Clients are referred to Dr. Kewley via the NHS but also privately. The link with PeakMind now enables clients to experience the benefit of neurofeedback at Horsham as well as the existing modes of treatment that LANC offer.

For further information about the LANC please visit or contact PeakMind for details of neurofeedback services.

Research grant to Drs Andersen & Rutterford- Dec 2008

Drs Andersen and Rutterford, part of a research group along with Dr David Vernen, Canterbury Christ Church University, Dr Marcia Pasqualini, Avila University, Kansas City, USA and Dr Olga Bazanova, State Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics, Russia, are awarded a Bial grant to conduct research titled, 'Refining the methodology of alpha EEG biofeedback and exploring its effect on cognition and mood.'

Invited talk - May 2008

Dr Neil Rutterford gave an invited talk on neurofeedback and AD/HD as part of a seminar series at St.Andrew's Hospital Northampton.

Research grant to Drs Venables & Andersen - May 2008

Drs Venables and Andersen are awarded a grant from the Welch Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience to investigate the cognitive effects of alpha neurofeedback training.

Visit to Downing Street 11 - Feb 2008

Dr Rutterford attended an awards dinner by invitation at 11 Downing Street in honour of children with neurological disorders..

Invited talk - Feb 2008

Dr Rutterford gave talk on neurofeedback and AD/HD to Avon and Somerset Police at a training day organised by Cerebra..

Invited talk - Nov 2007

Dr Rutterford gave an invited talk on neurofeedback and AD/HD at a conference organised by Cerebra, as well as a public lecture on neurofeedback and AD/HD in Swansea.

PeakMind expands. New partner joins the company- May 2007

We are happy to annouce that Louise Venables has joined PeakMind as a partner. She is a highly dedicated and competent person and we are extremely pleased to have her onboard (read more about Louise here).

PeakMind helps executives to tackle stress - article in Western Mail - December 2006

PeakMind reduces Stress
A feature article in the Western Mail describes how mental performance enhancing training with PeakMind helps exectutives to manage stress at work and improve focus and levels of concentration (download pdf article).

The Times article on neurofeedback treatment of ADHD in the UK - September 2006

Times neurofeedback article
Article on neurofeedback treatment of ADHD in the UK features in The Times!! "The treatment has long been established in the US, but does the answer to mental wellbeing really lie with our brain waves? And will neurofeedback take off here?" asks David Mattin (download pdf article)

The Italian football team had neurofeedback training before winning the World Cup

A newspaper article has revealed that neurofeedback and biofeedback contributed to Italy becoming the football world champions. Four players who represent AC Milan had been undergoing peak performance training for several months before the world cup in an attempt to gain the mental edge over their opponents.

The ability to get 'in the zone' may have been essential to the performance of the players, especially in high pressure situations such as penalty shoot-outs which Italy won in the final game of the tournament to beat France and lift the trophy. The training the players had is similar to that offered by PeakMind and improves focus, concentration and improves the ability to recover from exertion.

PeakMind meets with counselling group in Portsmouth - July 2006

PeakMind gives a talk to the University of Portsmouth Counseling Service on the neurofeedback treatment of stress and anxiety disorders. The attendees discussed the link between emotional and psychological development and brain functioning and how multiple factors such as therapist characteristics, patient characteristic and pathology may influence the choice of treatment.

Article in Evening Post on neurofeedback anxiety research in Swansea- June 2006

A feature article in South Wales Evening Post describes how funding from the Economic and Social Research Council helps researchers in the psychology department at Swansea University to examine ways to lower people's anxiety levels through neurofeedback. PeakMind is briefly mentioned in the article (download article here).

Article in Western Mail on neurofeedback anxiety research in Swansea- May 2006

A feature article in the Western Mail describes how ongoing research in the psychology department at Swansea University may help people manage a range of anxiety conditions including stage fright for actors, stress for sports stars or sports managers and for people suffering stress at work (download article here)

Using neurofeedback in the workplace - May 2006

PeakMind gave an invited talk to psychology students at Swansea Institute of Higher Education on how neurofeedback can be used to combat stress and achieve peak performance in the workplace. The talk focused on the demands of modern work life on our time and attention and addressed how constant multitasking can lead to distractibility, inner frenzy, and impatience. After a brief introduction to the theoretical background of neurofeedback one student tried a neurofeedback protocol often used to reduce stress and create inner calmness.

PeakMind meet with iCreate ( – March 2006

PeakMind gave a practical demonstration of their peak performance service to the directors and staff at iCreate Ltd. iCreate is a Swansea based company who work with professionals in the residential and commercial property industries, providing high quality 3D renderings and virtual tours of new buildings.

PeakMind meet with Swansea interagency group - December 2005

PeakMind presented an overview of their service for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to the Swansea interagency group. This group consists of child and adolescent psychiatrists, an educational psychologist, nurses and social workers. They liaise closely with Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators in local schools to provide treatment for children who exhibit symptoms of ADHD in the Swansea area. This treatment often consists of medication and behavioural therapy. PeakMind are now offering an alternative in the form of neurofeedback treatment for these individuals.

PeakMind awarded grant from Finance Wales – December 2005

As part of the spin-out programme offered by Welsh higher education institutions and the Welsh Assembly Government, PeakMind have been awarded a grant in recognition of the services they provide and the potential for growth of the application of neurofeedback. PeakMind are applying the expert knowledge held within the university and ensuring it benefits members of the community.

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